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Shadé is a striking paint that will evoke luxury and subtle contemporary sophistication to any wall, trim, column or other decorative element. Each type is supplied in 4 bases: Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze, that can in addition be easily tinted to a broad range of colors adding the Adicolor Tinters. 
Hard wearing and easy to apply, Shadé is ideal to add vibrant color and visual richness to living spaces in homes, hotels, stores, offices and other interiors

1 L SHADÉ “L” smooth version = 10-12 m2

1 L SHADÉ “R” embossed version = 6-8 m2

Package: 0,75 л; 3 л

Download Technical Datasheet: SHADÉ

Silver base – 44 colors

Gold base – 24 colors

Copper base – 8 colors

Bronze base – 8 colors