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Latex paint with effective protection of film against mould.

Description and application field:

Amikol is a paint based on an aqueous dispersion of polymer particles, pigments and special additives. Amikol is an interior semi-gloss latex paint with effective protection of film against mould. It is used for painting of those surfaces, where appearance and development of wall mould is expected due to macro- and microclimatic conditions.


Paint for heavily exposed interior wall surfaces and those prone to infection with mould in bakeries, drink-filling centres, health care facilities, etc.;
It is distinguished by good water vapour permeability;

Technical sheets:

Consumption rate: (apx. 150-190 ml/m2) for two layers application on a smooth surface. Density: apx. 1.40 kg/l; μ factor about 3000. Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.30 m class II - average permeability. Need to dry before second application (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity: 65%): be need to be dry to the touch: 4 – 6 hours, after this it is possible second applications. Wet friction (EN 13300): resistant, class 1; Coverage: class 1 to 7 m2/l; Outside view: translucent;

Color shade:



Consumption per m²:

200 ml.


15 L.