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Stain-isolating agent

Denikol is a coat based on slaked lime and special supplements. It is used to block substances, which dissolve quickly and easily in water, on a wall or ceiling surface, such as nicotinic and tar stains, salts in stains caused by soaking, tannin and other colorants, smaller fat stains, and similar.


It effectively isolates

Technical sheets:

Consumption rate: (apx. 150-400 ml/m2) for two layers application. Density: apx. 1.15 kg/l; μ factor < 100. Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.01 m class I - high permeability. VOC: max. 04 g/l; Need to dry before second application (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity: 65%): be need to be dry to the touch: apx. 24 hours, after this it is possible second applications.

Color shades:




150-400 ml.


Container 5 L.