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Transparent fungicide additive

Description and application area:

Jubocid is a transparent fungicide solution, which, as a supplement to interior wall dispersion paints (JUPOL, JUPOL Brilliant, JUPOL Gold, and JUPOL Latex). Effectively prevents or eradicates growth and development of majority of the most spread wall mould and other micro-organisms. The product can be used only as a preventive fungicide supplement to paints and does not have the effect of a disinfectant on the already infected wall surfaces.


It is an effective preventive agent inhibiting growth and development of majority of wall mould and microorganisms.

Technical sheets:

Consumption rate: maximum 75 ml/l of a dispersion paint. Density: apx. 1.00 kg/l.

Color shades:


Consumption per m2:

Max. 75 ml.


Plastic bottle 500 ml