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Anti-mildew agent

Description and application area:

ALGICID is a transparent alcohol-based biocide solution, which penetrates deeply into the wall surface and eradicates effectively a wide range of wall algae and mould. It is used to disinfect facade and interior wall surfaces treated with coats and render finishes, and also to disinfect concrete, stone, or wood. It is also used as a coat for eradication of mould in buildings of agro-industry and as a curative agent.


  • Effectively eradicates mould and wall algae;
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wall surfaces.

Technical sheets:

Consumption rate: 50-100 ml/m2. Density: apx. 1.00 kg/l; Need to dry before applying the second application (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity: 65%): apx. 8 hours.

Color shades:



Consumption per m2:

50 - 100 ml


Container 500 ml